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that which should not be done at all'.

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Are You Training Your Competition?

by Ken McClymonds 


Who is training your competitors' core resources? Could that be you?

Looking back at more than one hundred companies we have worked for and coached — over ninety percent of these organizations train their competitors’ key resources. Unfortunately, this trend is not improving.

The core process and business knowledge — especially the knowledge of “how and why” — resides in experienced people rather than in procedures and processes. When these people leave or are let go, they often go to  competitors and fortify the competition.

We all know or understand this to be a fact, yet we do not take action to reverse the trend. Why are key employees leaving? Or why are we letting them go? Why have we failed to retain them?

Many organizations play the money game — engaging in a salary war, sacrificing long-term for short-term gains, and change the perception of a fair salary into a de-motivator. This is not the right approach, and to make matters worse, some leadership prides itself in saying: “The first thing I need to do is fire everyone!” or, “Our leadership team is all new!” or, “Millennials have no loyalty to the organization!”

In fact, this type of leadership is not able to win the hearts and minds of people. New leadership that comes from outside the company often wants to bring in their own people. Actually, it is the organization that has no loyalty to employees — hire and fire! Employees are treated like commodities or expendable assets!

There are several approaches to address this problem, but ONLY if they are correctly applied —

  • Integrated management system and enterprise transformation drives a well-connected, top-down strategy with clarity of purpose  
  • A structured product development process helps engineering and project management resources to be efficient and effective resulting lower stress and improved employee satisfaction
  • Total productive maintenance (TPM) and autonomous maintenance (AM) drives operator ownership and promotes harmony between operations and maintenance

When an organization starts losing its best people to the competition, decline is on the horizon. Talent retention is key to the success of all organizations, and providing a process and system for people to succeed and be recognized is crucial.


Supply Chain Excellence for Leaders Coming to Pennsylvania

Over 50% of production costs are linked to supply chain (SC). SC is a crucial factor in the profitability and success of any organization.

The Supply Chain Excellence for Leaders seminar was launched May 11th to excellent reviews. This seminar focuses on practical applications of supply chain (SC) strategy, design, and risk management.


Two key takeaways from the participants was that the SC strategy….

  • Must integrate and test all changes with its goals, and
  • Must address initial end-to-end product design to lock the majority of the total delivered costs up front.         

Participants expressed that the practical approach, exercises, and application to their own organizations was most useful.

Based on the enthusiastic feedback and requests for further sessions, a Supply Chain Excellence for Leaders seminar has been scheduled for September 13, 2016 (registration ends Aug 26), in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area and another for October 18, 2016, as the first of four seminars for Leader Training Week in Houston, Texas.



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